112 Business Ideas You Can Start for Little to No Money


112 Business Ideas You Can Start for Little to No Money

1. Hand Crafted Jewelry

Sell handmade jewelry

2. Dog Walking

Walk others’ dogs when they’re not home

3. Ebay Store

Sell your unwanted things on Ebay

4. Window Cleaning

Clean windows for local businesses

5. Car Detailing

Detail others’ cars

6. Babysitting

Babysit others’ kids while they’re at work

7. Grocery Delivery Service

Pick up and deliver groceries for others

8. House Sitting

Tend to someone’s house while they’re on vacation

9. Tutoring

Tutor kids in a wide variety of subjects

10. House Cleaning Service

Clean others’ houses

11. Handmade Soap Sales

Make and sell all-natural soaps

12. Logo Design

Design logos for companies

13. Recycling

Recycle plastic, paper, and glass products

14. Event Planning

Plan events for others

15. Wedding Assistant

Assist a bride on the day of her wedding

16. Clothing Repair

Repair clothes for others

17. Laundry Service

Pick up, wash, and deliver others’ clothes

18. Personal Assistant

Assist someone who is extremely busy with daily task

19. Social Media Manager

Manage others’ social media accounts

20. Bicycle Repair

Repair others bicycles

21. Drive for Uber

Provide transportation for others by doing a rideshare service

22. Electric Repairs

Repair computers and tablets

23. House Sitting

Occupy someone’s home while they are gone

24. Specialty Hair Styling

Style someone’s hair such as wedding updo’s

25. Snow Removal

Scrape snow in the winter months for homeowners and businesses

26. Elderly Caregiver

Assist in the care of someone elderly

27. Sorority House Mom

Live in a sorority house and keep the house running smoothly

28. Moving Service

Help others’ move

29. E-Commerce Assistant

Help an online store stay up and running

30. Freelance Nail Tech

Providing nail art designs on location is an up and coming thing, especially in bigger cities

31. Direct Sales

Companies that offer direct sales allow you to purchase items at discounted rates and sell them to consumers at full price, allowing you to make extra income on their product

32. Calligrapher

If you have noteworthy handwriting or love to try out different writing styles this is a great way to make extra money. Help others by addressing wedding invitations, make custom stationary, and artwork that involves lettering

33. Body Waxing Specialist

Offer hair removal to others

34. Body Piercer

Perform piercings for others

35. Nutrition Advisor

Come up with meal plans for others with their fitness goals in mind

36. Landscaping

Mulch, plant flowers, and trim hedges for others’

37. Dog Trainer

Teach others’ dogs obedience

38. Baking

Make and sell baked goods

39. Proofreader

Read material provided by a company before it is published

40. Handyman

Make home repairs

41. IT Tech

Offer IT services to clients

42. Swimming Instructor

Teach others to swim

43. Travel Agent

Plan trips for clients

44. Personal Chauffeur

Be a personal driver for someone

45. Meal Delivery

Deliver meals to others

46. Interior Home Painting

Paint interior walls for customers

47. Courtroom Sketch Artist

Draw courtroom hearings

48. Third Party Sales Consultant

Sell products for a company in exchange for a commission of the sales

49. Tarot Card Reader

Read tarot cards to others

50. Wedding Cake Design

Design wedding cakes for clients

51. Clothing Consignment

Buy and resell clothing

52. Boat Detailing

Clean and detail boats

53. Modeling

Model for a clothing company

54. Chatbot Designer

Design chatbots for companies

55. Virtual Assistant

Assist someone online with their business needs

56. In Home Daycare

Supervise others’ children in your home

57. Designer Accessories Consignment

Collect and resell designer accessories such as purses

58. Menu Planner

Plan meals for events

59. Simple Automotive Repair

Change the oil, fix a flat tire, change the transmission fluid. All things that need to be done routinely on a car

60. Motorcycle Repair

Repair motorcycle issues such as a faulty headlight

61. Floral Designer

Design floral arrangements for clients.

62. Senior Companion

Sit with someone elderly to give them company

63. Upholstery

Place new fabric on couches, chairs, and even auto interior

64. Local Tour Guide

Be a tour guide where you reside

65. Freelance Makeup Artist

Offer makeup application services at the client’s location

66. Visual Merchandiser

Design and change product displays in stores

67. Home Childproofing

Childproof a home when someone is expecting a baby or have a toddler

68. Herb Gardening

Grow and sell herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and basil

69. Dog Grooming

Bathing and grooming others’ dogs

70. Airbnb Host

Rent your home when you are away

71. Online Medical Billing and Coding

File online paperwork for medical companies

72. Freelance Writer

Write for companies, blogs, and small businesses about specific topics

73. Decorative Door Hanger Design

Design decorative door hangings

74. Flooring Applicator

Lay flooring for customers ranging from carpet to hardwood

75. Floor Care Technician, Waxing

Wax floors in homes and businesses

76. Ceramic Tile Layer

tile layer
Install tile for customers

77. Carpenter

Custom woodworking

78. Freelance Auditor

Perform audits for companies

79. Fleet Dispatching

Communicate and organize shipping and delivery transactions, typically with trucking companies

80. Home/Office Packing Service

Pack items for moving

81. Personal Chef

Prepare meals for someone with their specific request and nutrition needs in mind

82. Traveling Massage Therapy

Offer massage therapy in a wide variety of places where you travel to the client

83. Home Inspector

Inspect homes before the potential buyer places an offer

84. Property Manager

Collect rent and communicate with property tenants

85. Pest Terminator

Terminate bugs and rodents from homes and businesses

86. Project Advisor

Oversee a project and offer advice

87. Freelance Telemarketer

Conduct calls for companies in hopes of increasing sales

88. Currency Trader

Trade currency with tourist for a small interest fee

89. Career Mentoring

Advise others’ what career choices would be best for them

90. Courier Service

Act as a mail collector

91. Jewelry Repair

Fix and repair broken jewelry for others

92. Online Custom Attire Design

Help chose attire that best fits someone’s style

93. Proposal Planner

Help someone plan the ultimate wedding proposal

94. Band for Hire

Play musical instruments for others at events

95. Life Coaching

Advise clients on decisions throughout their life

96. Clown for Hire

Dress up as a clown and attend children’s birthday parties

97. Office Organizer

Organize someone’s office

98. Sustainability Advisor

Advise companies on environmental efficiency and what they can sustainably do

99. Video Producer

Produce video ads for companies

100. Marketing Advisor

Advise companies which marketing strategies are best for them

101. Custom Closet Design

Design closets for optimal use

102. Auto Insurance Adjustor

Inspect a car after an accident and give an estimate price on repairs

103. Salon Inspector

Inspect beauty salons for cleanliness and safety

104. Speech Preparation

Prepare and write speeches for others

105. Restaurant Inspector

Inspect the cleanliness and safety of restaurants

106. Gymnastics Coaching

Teach others’ gymnastics

107. Interior Real Estate Staging

Stage a home or office for a showing to increase the sale of the property

108. Stock Image Sales

Take basic images and sell them online to others

109. Choreographer

Teach others dance moves

110. Local Honey Sales

Harvest bees and sell local honey

111. Business Plan Designer

Design business plans for up and coming companies

112. Translator

Help others communicate when a language barrier is present