Learn These 40 High Demand Skills For Less Than $20


Learn These 40 High Demand Skills For Less Than $20

1. Speaking a Second Language

Being bilingual has its perks. Companies are always looking to hire those who fluently speak a second language.

2. Hair Braiding Specialist

With less and less stylist specializing in hair braiding, the demand for someone who can braid efficiently is higher than ever. All it takes is time and practice to learn.

3. Web Design

Small businesses and large companies are always looking for someone to design a website for them. This skill is highly sought after in today’s digital world.

4. Sign Language

Sign language has been said to be one of the most valuable skills someone can have. You can learn to do so by watching online videos for free.

5. Forklift Operator

Being able to drive a forklift is an asset in many workforce scenarios as most warehouses and factories use them daily.

6. Freelance Writing

With the internet being a way of the future, one can work anywhere in the world if they have the ability to write. This skill is something that is universal as one can write about any topic.

7. Calligraphy

Those in the wedding and event planning business are always looking for a calligrapher to address and write invitations. This skill can be easily learned with patience and practice.

8. Bartender

In today’s world, bartending doesn’t mean one must work at a bar or restaurant. Freelance Bartenders often work weddings, corporate events, and social gatherings making it a fun skill to have.

9. Graphic Design

Graphic design can be useful in any career. Rather it be designing a logo for company attire or revamping a website, this highly sought-after skill can be learned fairly quickly.

10. Horse Farrier

horse farrier
A need is always present for someone who can provide hoof care for horses. This skill is always in need, especially in farming communities.

11. Window Tint Specialist

Rather applying window tint to store fronts or cars, this is a skill that provides a way to make extra cash with little investment.

12. Photography

Pick up your camera and find what you are passionate about. This is a skill that can be learned with online researching and practice.

13. Digital Coding

Rather building a personal blog or website for a company, someone is always going to need assistance with digital coding.

14. Data Analytics

Data Analytics help businesses make educated decisions after studying data.

15. Bookkeeping

You don’t have to be an accountant or possess a MBA to bookkeep. This skill is useful for any business that takes in money.

16. Proofreader

Proofreading is a skill one can offer that takes only time and general knowledge, no extra certifications.

17. Social Media Managing

From bloggers to large companies, managing a social media page is in high demand.

18. Furniture Refinishing

This skill is fun and rewarding. Refinishing antique furniture can also become a lucrative business with very little startup cost.

19. Baking

Baking is always in need and a fun skill to learn.

20. Pageant Coach

Teaching those who are entering the world of pageantry exactly what to do is rewarding and fun all at the same time.

21. Cell Phone Repair

People are always going to crack their phone screen or drop it into water, this skill is in need and always useful.

22. Sewing

Rather hemming jeans or altering a wedding dress, this skill is in need now more than ever as many aren’t learning how to sew in today’s modern times.

23. Wedding Floral Design

Wedding florist have the potential to earn a great income with the right skillset. This can be learned by taking a few classes that are often free and reading about floral design.

24. Event Planning

Event planning can range from assisting with class reunions, birthday parties, retirement parties, the list goes on. This skill is widely needed in all areas.

25. College Readiness Tutor

With SAT and ACT test scores being important, majority of high school students will seek tutoring before taking the test.

26. Simple Home Repair

Repairing a simple toilet leak or patching drywall is something most do not know how to do making this simple skillset useful.

27. Writing Assistant

Writing is a wonderful skill to learn and can be widely used in any niche.

28. Wallpaper Applier

With wallpaper coming back in style, this skill is going to be highly needed in the home interior niche.

29. Interior Painter

Painting homes and businesses is a skill that is highly in need, but very few possess.

30. Landscaping

Rather it be a full-time job or something on the side, landscaping is a great skill to learn. Curb appeal of a property is always important.

31. Online Sales Assistant

With online shopping the way of the future, companies are always hiring someone to assist with listing items, chatting with customers about orders, and making sure listings are accurate.

32. Dog Trainer

Dog owners are always looking to send their dog through obedience school and help with simple issues such as leash training.

33. App Designer

Most companies in today’s time have their own app. With a little studying, you could be the one getting paid to design that app.

34. Day Trading

Studying the stock market can be a valuable asset to anyone who is financially savvy.

35. Spray Tan Tech

With tanning beds becoming a thing of the past, more and more are opting for spray tans.

36. Microsoft Office Specialist

Knowing Microsoft Excel and Word comfortably can be a sought-after skill and cost very little to learn.

37. Interior Design

Having an eye for design can useful as many are always looking for assistance in this area.

38. Swim Instructor

Teaching someone to swim is a rewarding skill to have, especially dealing with children learning to swim for the first time.

39. Tax Prep Assistant

During tax season CPA offices are always hiring those with tax preparation knowledge to assist through the busy season.

40. Honey Harvesting

Believe it or not, the need for local honey is high with the honey bee population rapidly dropping.