Thinking About Starting CrossFit? Learn The Benefits


Thinking About Starting CrossFit_ Learn The Benefits

What’s the WOD for today? Check out the benefits here and find a BOX fast! 

Do you think you are physically strong? If you answered yes, have you ever tried CrossFit? Because CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates all kinds of sports and exercise types, and it is really driving fitness at massive speed. The company CrossFit might have been around since 2000 but the founder is Greg Glassman. Glassman discovered that by using dumbbells and barbells, he was able to get stronger than other gymnasts who were working only with bodyweight. He realized that he crushed his friends who only did one thing like gymnastics, weight lifting, and other activities, for example, and that some of his friends were better than him in something but not in everything. So he set about developing what CrossFit is all about, not specialized abilities in one sport, but general physical preparedness. Today, the CrossFit methods are about training adherents to enhance themselves in ten key physical qualities. These are:

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