34 Character Traits Of The Successful Stand-Out


34 Character Traits Of The Successful Stand-OutSome people want to succeed in their field of work. Others in relationships or creative pursuits. The common thread is that everyone wants to stand out—everyone wants to be seen as successful. The best way to reach that goal is to develop habits and traits that lead to success. Here are 34 character traits of a successful stand-out that you can also cultivate in yourself.

1. Flexible

Rigidity inhibits progress. Successful people embrace change and roll with the punches.

2. Positive

A successful person doesn’t focus on the negative. They see the positive in every situation and learn how to make the best of everything.

3. Constructive

Rather than criticizing to tear others down, a successful stand-out offers constructive criticism and solutions.

4. Collaborative

People who really shine in their fields don’t hoard data and ideas, they share it with others and invite in outside perspectives.

5. Passionate

Successful people put their hearts into their work. They care about the outcome and get excited about the process.

6. Humble

A truly successful person lets their work speak for itself. Boasting and self-righteousness are signs of insecurity.

7. Receptive

Listening to others is crucial to success. Being able to listen to others and discern good ideas from bad is an essential part of becoming a successful person.

8. Goal-Oriented

People who achieve their goals must first set those goals and make detailed plans for reaching them. Keeping their eyes on the prize is what sets winners apart from losers.

9. Bold

Successful people are unafraid of taking risks. They are willing to take a chance where others may not be.

10. Persistent

True success isn’t winning on the first try; it’s trying over and over again until the goal is reached.

11. Hard-Working

If you want to stand head and shoulders above the rest, never take the easy way out. Always put in the time and work necessary to make something the best it can be.

12. Curious

Successful people never stop learning. They ask good questions and seek creative answers.

13. Resilient

Being able to recover from a setback quickly is key to being successful.

14. Patient

Rather than rushing into things, successful people take their time and prepare before taking action.

15. Responsible

Successful people are accountable for their choices and actions and can be consistently relied upon.

16. Connected

The best thing a person who wants to succeed can do is spend time with other successful people. The ability to learn from others is essential for doing well in life.

17. Balanced

Knowing the value of time away from work is just as important as putting in productive time at work.

18. Organized

Successful people know how to prioritize and do it by keeping lists, calendars, and an organized inbox.

19. Efficient

It is important to devote time to your projects but it’s just as important to know how to use that time well. Eliminating inefficiencies will help you stand out among your peers.

20. Empathetic

Anticipating the needs of others and helping them reach their goals are important markers of a truly successful person.

21. Mission-Oriented

Successful people know what they want and have a central driving goal.

22. Confident

To develop a reputation as a strong person, trust your instincts and don’t let the opinions of others sway you from reaching for your goals.

23. Open

Successful people listen to others and always consider new ideas and strategies.

24. Focused

Being able to “put your blinders on” and work on a task until it’s done is a key trait of an accomplished person.

25. Revolutionary

Successful people aren’t content with the way things have always been done and aren’t afraid to make waves when it comes to suggesting better ways to do things.

26. Creative

Coming up with new ideas and finding unconventional solutions to problems are what set you apart from the rest.

27. Consistent

Building good habits requires consistency, and good habits are essential to success.

28. Grateful

Showing appreciation for others and for everything in your life is a healthy mindset and a recipe for success.

29. Protective

Successful people protect their time and themselves by setting healthy boundaries and sticking to them. They do not let others use them as a doormat.

30. Intentional

Everything a successful person does and says, they do with a good reason. They speak and act carefully and with intention.

31. Mindful

Being aware of your surroundings, feelings, and circumstances will lead to greater achievement and help you to identify potential problems more quickly.

32. Productive

Successful people participate in productive activities and track their progress.

33. Competitive

Being competitive doesn’t have to mean being jealous or overly focused on the accomplishments of others. Successful people find motivation in seeing other people succeed and using the accomplishments of others as a benchmark to push up against.

34. Authentic

A person is successful when they are truly themselves and not trying to emulate someone else. There is only one you—be a good one!