40 Signs You’re Farther Along In Life & Success Than You Think You Are


40 Signs You're Farther Along In Life & Success Than You Think You Are
Most of us tend to be our own worst critics. Because we see our lives with all the background detail, we can often feel like we’re not succeeding as much as we should be, or that our lives aren’t as good as the lives of others. However, it’s likely that you’ve accomplished more than you think, even if it isn’t immediately obvious. Here are 40 signs that you’re farther along in life and success than you think you are.

1. You have a good support system

You have friends and family who you can trust and depend on, and who have your best interests at heart.

2. Your life is low on drama

You’ve developed enough maturity to handle situations calmly and with good communication rather than letting drama rule your life.

3. You’ve let go of toxic people

You’ve learned to recognize when relationships are harmful to your mental health and established good and stable boundaries to protect yourself.

4. You can ask for help

Part of growing up is learning how to swallow your pride and ask for assistance when you need it. Knowing when to ask for help and who to ask is crucial to success.

5. You celebrate when others win

celebrate wins
A sign of security and maturity is being able to genuinely feel happy for others when they succeed. Envy is unavoidable, but it is manageable.

6. You have successful people around you

Successful people attract other successful people. Surround yourself with people you want to learn from!

7. You are invested in your relationships

Instead of having many superficial relationships, you should value quality over quantity as you get older and further in life.

8. You can be emotionally vulnerable

Mature, successful people can acknowledge their feelings in a healthy way and open up to others without feeling threatened.

9. You don’t need approval from others

You trust your instincts and don’t act based on what others will think.

10. You have a positive attitude

You recognize the multitude of things there are to be grateful for and don’t waste time complaining about your circumstances.

11. You’re not afraid to say yes

You’re not afraid of trying new things and participating fully in your life.

12. You’re not afraid to say no

As comfortable as you are saying yes, you’re comfortable saying no when something doesn’t feel right.

13. You don’t gossip

You’ve realized that speaking ill of others is a waste of time and energy.

14. You can accept (and learn from) failure

Failures happen and you know how to learn from them and move on

15. You have achieved some of your goals

achieve goals
Small or big, you can look back and identify some accomplishments that you are proud of.

16. You have goals for the future

The only way to achieve success is to plan for it. Successful people look ahead and create strategies for achievement.

17. You have passions

Whether it is your job or not, you have activities and interests that light a fire within you and allow you to express yourself.

18. You give back to your community

You recognize the importance of generosity and philanthropy, through time and money.

19. You have a mentor

you have a mentor
Having someone to look up to and consult for tough decisions is essential to success.

20. You are a mentor

No matter how early you are in your journey, there is always someone even earlier in theirs. You offer support and advice to people who need it and you behave in ways that make you a good role model for others.

21. You are accountable

You don’t blame others for your problems and take responsibility when mistakes are made or crises happen.

22. You find the good in every situation

Learning how to stay positive is critical for your health, happiness, and success.

23. You take responsibility for making changes in your own life

You recognize when something isn’t working and develop a strategy for making it better or different.

24. You recognize when things are out of your control

You change what you can when you can, but you realize that some things cannot be changed. Being able to accept that and move on is a major sign of maturity and growth.

25. You’re a good teammate

good teammate
Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You’re a contributor and a collaborator on your projects and the projects of others.

26. You recognize the good in yourself

You don’t have to love yourself 100% of the time, but you regularly recognize good things about yourself and are aware of your strengths.

27. You recognize your faults

You know your weaknesses and how to work with them instead of letting them define you.

28. You have a routine

Being aware of the times you are most productive can really contribute to your success. Make a routine that works for you and stick to it.

29. You’re aware of the world around you

Even if you can’t afford to travel, you make a point to consider the world views of others and be educated on current affairs.

30. You stick to a budget

Being aware of your finances and spending habits is a great indicator of financial success.

31. You don’t compare yourself to others

You’re comfortable in your own journey and not comparing your life to the people around you.

32. You don’t do things that make you feel bad

You recognize that things like eating poorly and drinking too much have adverse effects on your well-being and you avoid them when you can.

33. You say what you’re feeling

Instead of bottling things up and exploding later, you calmly communicate your feelings and needs. You don’t resort to passive-aggressive behavior.

34. You have high standards

high standards
For relationships, jobs, and everything else, you won’t accept less than you know yourself to be worth. You don’t settle.

35. You have coping skills

Having a designated toolbox to help you when things get rough makes you more resilient and successful. Identify some activities that make you feel better when stressed and depressed.

36. You respect your elders

At work and in life, you realize that others have more experience than you and that there is something to be learned from those who have gone before

37. You don’t stress about age

You’re confident that you can achieve your goals in your own time and that age has nothing to do with it

38. You show up on time

You’re aware of how long it takes you to get ready and to travel so that you don’t inconvenience the people around you.

39. You are empathetic

Being kind and understanding is a marker of a truly successful and actualized person.

40. You feel content

you feel content
The greatest sign of success is not a certain number, a type of car, or a completed checklist. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning to face your life? If

you’re happy with the life you’ve created, you’re more successful than a great many people.