40 Signs You’re Farther Along In Life & Success Than You Think You Are


40 Signs You're Farther Along In Life & Success Than You Think You Are
Most of us tend to be our own worst critics. Because we see our lives with all the background detail, we can often feel like we’re not succeeding as much as we should be, or that our lives aren’t as good as the lives of others. However, it’s likely that you’ve accomplished more than you think, even if it isn’t immediately obvious. Here are 40 signs that you’re farther along in life and success than you think you are.

1. You have a good support system

You have friends and family who you can trust and depend on, and who have your best interests at heart.

2. Your life is low on drama

You’ve developed enough maturity to handle situations calmly and with good communication rather than letting drama rule your life.

3. You’ve let go of toxic people

You’ve learned to recognize when relationships are harmful to your mental health and established good and stable boundaries to protect yourself.

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