15 Reasons Your Next Trip To Book Should Be Iceland


15 Reasons Your Next Trip To Book Should Be Iceland

Iceland’s traveling industry brought in 2 million visitors and contributed to 10% of the country GDP. There are many reasons to visit Iceland, and the nature is most of it. The gorgeous terrain and peaceful country side make this the perfect place for your next trip.

1. Northern Lights

northern lights
Probably the most known of Iceland’s sights, the Northern Lights are a beautiful, colorful display of light in the sky. Because of the longer nights, the best time to go in Iceland to see the lights is the month of March.

2. Volcanoes

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This is where Iceland gets the fire part of its “Fire and Ice” tag line. Iceland has a large total of 130 volcanoes, most of which are caused by the ridge that the country sits on.

3. Black Beach

black beaches
Formed by the basalt lava covering much of the area, this beach’s sand is a peculiar site. Reynisfjara is a world famous beach and a must see.

4. Mountains

At 2,110 meters, Öræfajökull is the tallest mountain in Iceland. Whether just to soak in the beauty or take on a climbing challenge, Iceland’s mountains can’t be beat.

5. Lagoons

Hot springs are nature’s hot tub, and they’re always worth spending some time at. Iceland has some beautiful geothermal lakes and lagoons. The most known one, The Blue Lagoon, is in Southwestern Iceland.

6. Viking World

viking world
How can you go to Iceland and not learn all about Vikings? Viking World is home to the Icelander, “an exact replica of the famous Gokstad ship, a remarkable archaeological find of an almost completely intact Viking ship, excavated in Norway in 1882.” It also has Smithsonian made exhibits on the Vikings.

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7. Icelandic horses

icelandic horses
Icelandic horses are an adorable small breed of horses who came with the first settlers of Iceland from Norway 1100 years ago.

8. Elf School

elf school
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The Elf School is located in Reykjavik and has been educating humans and mystical creatures alike for 32 years. They offer a thorough knowledge of “elves and hidden people, as well as gnomes, dwarfs, fairies, trolls, mountain spirits as well as other nature spirits and mythical beings in Iceland and in other countries. And also where these creatures live, what they look like, their ideas about humans, about them as well as all the other nature spirits that seems to live around us here in other dimensions – as the elves themselves claim that they live in.” They are teaching all Fridays from 3 pm to 7 pm at latest. Normal classes are 56€ or 64$. It’s definitely worth a trip to learn about the Icelandic culture.

9. Glacial tours

glacial tours
You can schedule a glacial tour with any number of tour guides online to see the beautiful glaciers and climb through incredible ice caves. It’s definitely something like nothing else.

10. Midnight Sun

midnight sun
For 4 months (May-August), Iceland’s sun doesn’t set until midnight. During this time, the Earth’s axis turns toward the sun, making it incredibly bright. The best time to visit this beauty is June 21st.

11. Waterfalls

You can never pass up a waterfall, and Iceland’s waterfalls are particularly exquisite. Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Gullfoss, and Godafoss have some of the best ones.

12. National Parks

national parks
Iceland’s 3 national parks include: Snæfellsjökull (West Iceland), Vatnajökull (South-East Iceland), and Þingvellir (South Iceland).

13. Churches

The churches in Iceland are all so unique and amazing examples of architecture. Plus, the scenery behind it is guaranteed to be just as perfect.

14. Whale watching

whale watching
The most commonly seen animal in Iceland is the Minke whale, a smaller whale compared to its fellow whales. Checking these out during the Midnight Sun or Northern lights is definitely recommended, but they are around all year round. Book a whale watching tour to be taken to all of the best spots.

15. Food

Of course, food always makes the list. Iceland is known for its hearty cuisine. Their most used meats are goat, lamb, and fish. You can even get a taste of shark or be presented with a full goat’s head.