22 Reasons To Love Thailand And Make You Book A Trip


22 Reasons To Love Thailand And Make You Book A Trip

1. Jungles to get lost in.

Swing like Tarzan through the jungle. Or just admire the amazing wildlife, vegetation, and huge trees.

2. Interesting locals.

Meeting new people is one of the best parts of traveling, and the locals here are happy to share their stories and teach you about their culture.

3. Annual Monkey Buffet.

Once a year, the monkeys get a huge spread of fruit that they devour. It’s Thailand’s way of thanking them for all of the tourism they bring.

4. It never sleeps.

Whatever you need, at any hour, is possible to get.

5. Drink tea in the treetops.

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Visit Koh Kood to sit in a nest 15 feet above ground and admire the beauty of Thailand while sipping on local teas.

6. Shopping.

Isn’t that enough?

7. Botanical gardens are beautiful.

You can find both the largest collections of palm trees and orchids at a botanical garden in Thailand. The amazing tropical plants, houses, and cultural shows are a must see.

8. And so are the islands.

They’re just incredible and a great way to unwind and enjoy nature.

9. It’s an international hub.

There are so many global and local businesses to experience. Plus, there’s always tourists from all over the world to meet.

10. Their massages are the best.

Get a true Thai massage right from the source.

11. The night life is exciting.

Dance and drink the night away to reggae music in a very LGBT+ friendly environment.

12. Bangkok is a site to behold.

With its 8 million residents, Bangkok is a chaotic and beautiful city filled with adventure, museums, food, and many more experiences.

13. There are also many important historical sites.

Thailand has an interesting and rich culture that dates waaay back. It’s super cool to learn about a different kind of history, especially one that ties so far back.

14. It’s easy to visit a bunch of countries from Thailand.

Hop over to China or India while you’re there, or any other of the amazing countries surrounding it. You’re near Hong Kong, Bali, Australia, Singapore and Europe.

15. The temples are amazing.

There are 40,000 Buddhist temples just in Thailand. Most of them will look completely different based on the dynasty it was built in.

16. There’s warm weather year-round.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be there on a day that isn’t perfect skies and temperature.

the food

Their street food is to die for, and it’s all authentic and amazing. Be ready for some spice though!

18. Feed and take care of elephants.

Visit the elephant conservation camp and get to interact with the elephants by bathing and feed them and giving loving attention.

19. Take diving lessons.

You’ll definitely see some sea turtles and wonderful views of reefs under the ocean.

20. Isaan is a way to see the natural rural areas.

There are hardly any tourists out with all of the villages and ruins of this area.

21. It’s actually a relatively cheap vacation spot.

You can usually find pretty cheap flights, and transportation around Thailand through buses and trains is a budget way to get around.

22. Luxury hotels are everywhere to be found.

Be sure to check out Six Senses on Koh Yao Noi, Iniala Beach House in Phuket, or Keemala, also in Phuket. You’ll feel like royalty.