Cheap Flights: 26 Tips To Finding The Best Flight To Anywhere You Want To Go


26 Tips To Finding The Best Flight To Anywhere You Want To Go

Vacations are expensive enough, so chances are you’re looking for the cheapest possible flight to get you to your destination, but without sacrificing too much comfort. Here’s 26 tips that will help you find that perfect flight.

1. Be open to layovers.

These are going to greatly lower your costs.

2. Try multiple search engines.

This will help you explore different sites and results.

3. Use any discount you have.

Student discounts are super handy.

4. Follow mailing lists for airlines.

You may be able to find special deals you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

5. Search for individual seats for each flier.

The prices will raise if you search for seats all next to each other.

6. Don’t be afraid to look for tickets in different currencies.

Depending on the state of your economy, it may be cheaper somewhere else.

7. Book 6-8 weeks ahead.

book ahead
This seems to be the sweet spot for cheaper tickets.

8. Tuesdays seem to be the most economical time to book a flight.

Not sure why, but people swear by this.

9. Try not to plan all of your vacation times during popular seasons.

The prices just go up based on the popularity of the time. Best to just avoid these.

10. If you aren’t set on where you want to go, feel free to check out prices for places all over the world and see what’s cheapest.

There’s some adventure in this idea.

11. Don’t mess with expensive airlines.

There’s much cheaper alternatives.

12. A risky hack is to book a cheap connecting flight you won’t be able to make.

Before even getting on your first flight, see if they can rebook you to a more expensive, direct flight.

13. You can also book a flight with a layover in your destination.

This flight will be cheaper than a direct flight, and you can just get off at your destination and not get back on.

14. Book a flight early in the morning or in the middle of the night.

The early bird gets the worm, and prices will surely be cheaper the more inconvenient the time is.

15. Don’t be afraid to switch airlines for your destination.

Just because you left with United doesn’t mean you have to get there with United. If there’s a cheaper option for the last leg, go with that.

16. Don’t forget about your points and miles.

You don’t want to let these go to waste just because you forgot you had them. Also, if you’re saving them for a rainy day, that rainy day may never come. Just enjoy them!

17. You can book two tickets instead of a round trip.

Depending on where you flight out of when you go back home, this can be a bit cheaper.

18. You should probably clear your cookies after looking at flights.

clear your cookies
Just in case this affects the future prices you’ll be looking at.

19. Use an app to find the cheapest time to go.

There’s plenty of apps out there that can calculate that for you. This is especially helpful if you don’t have any preference, but you can also search for the cheapest time during a specific month.

20. Look for technically glitches or human error.

Sometimes you can score some awesome deals this way.

21. Try to get your layovers extended.

You can make a second trip out of the layover and spend some time exploring a new city.

22. Get traveler’s insurance right away.

This is important in case you need to cancel your flight for any reason.

23. Use a traveler credit card.

You may be able to save on some fees with this.

24. Set price alerts.

Some sites allow you to be notified when prices drop.

25. If you see a really cheap flight, but you aren’t absolutely sure, just book it.

As long as you can make a decision within 24 hours, you should be set.

26. Sometimes adding extras aren’t worth it.

It may be cheaper to just upgrade your flight.