How You Can See The Most Beautiful Sights in America For Just $213


beautiful sights

Already planning next year’s summer vacation? Do you hate road trips in small cars and the pain of flying? Want to see as much as you can in one vacation? Staying on a budget? This train ride allows you to see the most beautiful places all around America for just $213.

You miss some amazing views when you just fly over them. This train ride takes you right into the heart of the beautiful terrain across the U.S.

You start out on the California Zephyr path taking you from San Francisco to Chicago for $130. For only $83, the Lake Shore Limited will take you on to New York City. To compare, a plane ticket from San Francisco to New York City starts at about $325. Not only do you get a longer experience, but you save over $100, which you can spend on all the Statue of Liberty snow globes your heart desires.

The whole trip lasts about 4 days, while you’ll quickly change from one scene to the next, seeing icy mountains, flat plains, and beautiful coats.

You’re likely to see the Colorado River, Chicago, the Great Lakes, The San Francisco Bay, The Sierra Nevadas, the Big Apple, the Rockies, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Reno.
The train track even passes right through the Rocky Mountains, winding you through the canyons. Plus, if that doesn’t sell you, there’s a ghost story featured in the trip. The train passes through Donner Lake, where 87 individuals where stranded during the winter of 1846. They resorted to cannibalism and only 48 survived. It is said that their ghosts still haunt the lake today…

As for the amenities, the train seats are much more comfortable than airline seats, and there’s way more leg room. Plus, for an extra fee, you can get a sleeper cabin to relax in. Being matched up with random dinner partners throughout your trip gives you the chance to meet new people and learn of their own travels. It has also been reported that the meals are made quite well for the chefs to be cooking on a moving train.

The one thing you should know about this trip is that you’re in it for the scenery, not stopping and exploring cities along the way. As Derek Low, the man who made the trip viral, said, “If you want to see tourist America, rent a Cadillac, get on Route 66 and stop off at a few cutesy diners and motels. If you want to see the real America in all its spectacular, crazy, kooky glory, get on the train.”

On this 4-day train ride, you will be up close and personal with all the beauties of the country, sometimes going directly through the natural sights. You will travel 3,397 miles across 11 states literally just by saving a dollar a day. That’s right, if you skip out on that 3rd iced coffee of the day, you’ll be well on your way to seeing the beautiful U.S.

Book your ticket today to make this amazing journey from coast to coast.